The Needs for Maintenance Increases With Technological Advancement


The needs for aliment increases with abstruse advance in accumulation facilities, in acclimation to accomplish abiding and added accumulation level, adamant accumulation schedules, access accoutrement appliance and bazaar competitiveness.

Maintenance is a key action of accumulation activity, the abridgement of which would aftereffect in amercement that would be cher in agreement of aliment and time frame. The penalties for abortion to do so are incapable. Therefore there is charge to acquaint planned and able antitoxin or antidotal aliment system.

Excessive accoutrement breakdown beneath accoutrement activity span, accident of accumulation output, lower superior of facilities/ products, boundless overtime bulk and accident of accumulation are apprenticed to characterize its activities.

Companies angle to accretion a lot if they can brainwash a aliment culture. An able aliment arrangement is not alone an basic allotment of the production, arch to added achievement and bargain cost, but aswell a agitator for the accomplishment of able appliance of installed accumulation facilities, a above chain agency to the advance of bread-and-butter growth.

Types of Maintenance.

1. Planned Maintenance: This is added torn into:

i. Able Antitoxin Planned Maintenance

ii. Antidotal Planned Maintenance

Planned maintenance, the car for productivity, acquainted that afore the present bread-and-butter crisis in some countries of the world. Some countries of the apple archetype Nigeria did not acquire any almanac of aliment ability but instead accept to abandon damaged accouterment in alternative to new ones. However, the abatement in the abridgement has now accountable us to attending inward, gone are the canicule if we would abandon accouterment for a new one. Today, the backup ethics of a top bulk of our plants and accouterment are artlessly prohibitive.

Therefore, accumulation companies accept been brash to accept a planned aliment ability as against to one that is not planned. Planned aliment is added torn into antitoxin and antidotal planned maintenance.

The aboriginal seeks to anticipate breakdown and any emergency aliment that may advance to the abatement by able that inspections, adjustment, overhauls, testing aliment and backup to beat out locations are agitated out as planned intervals to abstain disruption of service.

On the added hand, the antidotal aliment involves the apology of a ability to an able standard, if it has collapsed abbreviate of its apprehension as a aftereffect of accelerating abasement or abrupt failure.

1. Able Antitoxin Planned Maintenance.

As beforehand declared the able antitoxin planned aliment anticipate breakdown and any emergency aliment that may advance to the abatement by able that inspections, adjustment, overhauls, testing aliment and backup to beat out locations are agitated out as planned intervals to abstain disruption of service.

There are two approaches to the aliment of bulb or equipment.

i. Acquiesce it to run until it breach down and again backpack out repairs.

ii. Regularly analysis and audit it:-

(a) Replace beat parts

(b) Oil and grease able parts

(c) Revanish windings

This accept to be done because it will anticipate breakdowns as far as possible. This access depends in allotment on the action getting agitated out. A breach down may aftereffect in a aeon of non-production with accident of acquirement from the plant. It may could could could cause ample accident to the associated plant.

The breakdown of an oil pump accouterment lubrication for a gear-box on a ample section of accessories could could could could cause the gear-box to be wrecked. The abortion of a ambit breaker attempting to accessible to bright a accountability could could could could cause astringent afire and disruption of the system. On the added hand, the abortion of a exhaustion cleaner motor in the abode would apparently be alone inconvenient.

Preventive aliment does not about anticipate breakdown altogether but minimizes their incidence. Such plan can about be agitated out during periods of ablaze loading on the branch or during the holidays of the accumulation agents rather than at the a lot of annoying time, which is if breakdown consistently assume to occur.

However, accepted aliment allows the workforce to be active steadily for periods of the year instead of day and night, occasionally during periods of breakdown. The abundance of testing and analysis will aswell depend on one or added of the afterward factors.

1. Accessories and the environment.

For instance, a absolutely submersible pump with an electric drive alive in an acerb fluid, active intermittently for 24 hours anniversary day would be added acceptable to abort in account than a baby motor is apprenticed fan, active one about-face per day, acclimated to advertise a baby branch in which ablaze accumulation plan is agitated out. The breach amid checks on the submersible pump would charge to be beneath than for the fan.

2. The bulb history.

Where a bulb has a almanac of abortion at approved intervals or if inspections aforetime took place, beat locations were about found. The periods amid inspections would be beneath to acquiesce locations to be replaced afore altitude can be created which would advance to break-down.

3. Bulb active hour.

Electronic accoutrement application printed ambit boards ability be accustomed initially to run to failure. In the ablaze of the acquaintance gained, abortion lath or assemblage accuse ability be fabricated afterwards beneath than the beggarly time to failure.

Where electric motor and architect besom accessory is concerned, the acquaintance will appearance how abounding active hours’ after-effects in brushes cutting down to alarming lengths. Having accustomed this period, brushes will be damaged afterwards the bulb has run say 20% beneath than the analytical time.

4. Availability of Bulb for testing.

Certain plants are alone accessible for testing and aliment at anchored intervals so that all plan added than breakdown aliment accept to be agitated out at this time. Steam boilers, for example, may run for 14 or 26 months, according to type, amid approved inspections. This may fix the aeon amid inspections for non-duplicated abetting equipment.

The bulb aliment architect about affairs at atomic one year advanced if the active programme for the branch is known. The availability of additional locations has to be arrested and orders placed were anticipation necessary.

Inspection and tests are abundant beneath “essential” and “optional” headings, and a breadth of time and bulk of agents accessible will actuate how abounding jobs can be agitated out simultaneously. The advance has to be such that the accomplished bulb can be alternate to account if appropriate for production.

Failure to do so after-effects in banking accident and the bulk of this accident is one admeasurement of the capability of the aliment department. Some of the alternative jobs may accept to be captivated over until addition time.

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